Optimum biology
Innovative all-in-one solutions and powerful individual products for your agribusiness

No matter what your biogas plant comes up against, we help you analyse the problem, and can offer both immediate remedies and permanent solutions. With our effective trace elements, enzyme products, macro elements or silage additives, you can optimise your operational workflow and increase your biogas yield in the long term.

Trace elements

Trace elements in solid or liquid form help to optimise the performance of your biogas plant — including as an emergency response to urgent biological problems.

Our trace elements:

  • MiaMethan liquid

Standard trace element additive in liquid form

  • MiaMethan liquid Cobalt

Cobalt additive in liquid form

  • MiaMethan liquid duplex

Standard trace element additive in a complex liquid form

  • MiaMethan SOS

Standard trace element additive in granular form as an emergency response to acidification

  • MiaMethan flex

Individually adapted trace element in liquid or granular form

Enzyme products

Enzymes support efficient fermentation in the biogas plant. Shortened fibres make the fermentation substrate more liquid, saving you mixing and pumping costs.

Our enzyme products:

  • MiaMethan ProCut

Unique enzyme product specially for biogas plants

  • MiaMethan Kombi E

Combination product of enzymes and individually adapted trace elements, in granular form

Macro elements

Iron hydroxide is a powdered reagent used to bind hydrogen sulphide in fermenters. This prevents plant equipment and engines from corroding or engine oil from becoming acidic.

Our trace elements:

  • Iron hydroxide

Reagent in granular form used for desulphurisation in plants with average retention times

  • Iron hydroxide S

Reagent in granular form used for rapid desulphurisation in plants with short retention times

Silage additive

Biological silage additives are required to optimally conserve the substrates of many renewable raw materials. They can be used in the biogas and livestock farming sector to maximise the silage quality.

Our silage additives:

  • CAMsil LG

Homofermentative silage additive for rapidly lowering pH

  • CAMsil DUO

Homo- and heterofermentative silage additive for lowering pH and reducing reheating

  • CAMsil TS

Heterofermentative silage additive for reducing feed spoilage with dry silage

  • CAMsilage M

Heterofermentative silage additive for improved maize silaging

Dosing points for biogas additives

Fully automated dosing systems for safely adding liquid additives to the biogas plant.

Our dosing points:

  • Dosl 4.0 dosing point

Premium dosing unit with a touch panel and online access for precisely weighing additives

  • CAM ProfiDos

This dosing unit for liquid additives can be installed quickly and easily


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